Review Lenana Espresso

In my journey through many coffees over the years I often find one or two that is truly exciting to have. Here is one of those exciting coffees that I really enjoy. These beans are roasted by the owner of Flatlands and what a tremendous passion he places in all the beans he roasts. There are many different types of beans that are available via Flatlands Coffee yet I would highly recommend you start with these.

The tasting notes describe Lenana Espresso apricot, orange, cranberry, sugarcane, and English Breakfast Tea. The orange and apricot clearly stood out to me as I sipped my several pours. I could at times pick up the hint of cranberry yet for me the orange taste dominated the flavors. In the notes from Flatlands they share that as a filtered coffee you will notice a subtle bitterness. I would tend to agree with this statement yet what I will add is that the bitterness at times was so subtle that I never picked up on any bitterness only the sweetness of the orange.

Hot Coffee Settings:

  • Ratio: 1:14
  • Grind Setting: 20
  • Pre-ground Bean Amount: 30.2g
  • Post-ground Bean amount: 29g
  • Water Temperature: 205 degrees F
  • Water Amount: 423.3g
  • Pour Time: 44 seconds
  • 1st Steep time: 92 seconds
  • 2nd Steep time: 120 seconds

If you are looking for a great choice of beans to use either as an espresso or as filtered pour over look no further. The sweetness of Lenana Espresso will not disappoint you. Flatlands has several other options yet this is defiantly my favorite.

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