Review Rubato Coffee Roasters – Salmo

I am often amazed at how through the journey of life we encounter others on their own journey’s. It is one of those crossings that occurred a few years ago that has led me to a powerful and very satisfying coffee.

Rubato Coffee Roasters out of Columbus Grove is a small roasting outfit. Regardless of the size they without a question provide excellent beans for your morning, afternoon or anytime sipping. This particular package of beans entitled Salmo was one of my favorites from Rubato.

The overall taste is smooth and polite taste. There is not that over powering aftertaste or initial shock that comes with some brands of coffee beans. The package indicates peanut butter, dark chocolate and plums. While I could not taste the plum tasting I was clearly able to pick up the peanut butter and chocolate. I only brewed this in a hot pour over coffee which I prefer over iced coffee that my wife likes.

Hot Coffee Settings:

  • Ratio: 1:13
  • Grind Setting: 20
  • Pre-ground Bean Amount: 30.4g
  • Post-ground Bean amount: 30.1g
  • Water Temperature: 207 degrees F
  • Water Amount: 433.4g
  • Pour Time: 40 seconds
  • 1st Steep time: 120 seconds
  • 2nd Steep time: 140 seconds

With regards to this recommendation I would highly recommend this roaster and specifically this blend. I have to say that overall this does not disappoint and while I have tried other roasts from Rubato this is clearly my favorite.

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