Welcome Coffee lovers and Coffee explorers. Several years ago I was exposed to a different world of coffee. For years I grew to enjoy coffee from many chain coffee houses. These chain coffee houses produced the same quality of coffee with every visit. I also knew that regardless of what city I found myself in I knew if I found one of these chain locations I would in turn find the same cup of coffee I enjoyed in my hometown.

Little did I know there was an entirely different world to coffee. Then in 2013 my eyes were awakened to this new world. A small coffee shop opened and a friendship with the owner quickly occurred. He shared with me and my wife that there was so much more to coffee than just a standard cup I was enjoying at a chain coffee house.

I discovered that coffee does not need to have cream, sugar, milk, or any other additives to be a great flavorful and intense cup of coffee. All you needed was the best beans, the perfect water and a love for creating the perfect cup.

In addition, I also around this same period discovered a love for wine. Having a glass of good wine at dinner is not just for the sophisticated taste buds. It is also for anyone who desires to taste something smooth, crisp and delicious.

I have met a lot of wonderful wine lovers over the past several years and through their knowledge I have discovered some great wines and some not-so great wines.

This site is an attempt to share this love of coffee and wine while at the same time sharing my love for Christ. It is simply just that, share a love for these two worlds connected with Jesus. I will confess I am no world tasting expert in either category just a person who loves these and loves Jesus. While at the same time desires to share my thoughts, impressions and passion.