Review of Colombia La Pradera

Anodyne Coffee Roasting – Colombia La Pradera

Anodyne Coffee Roasting beans are the newest addition to my coffee collection. I received these beans just recently and this package is the first set of beans from this coffee roasting company.

I was very intrigued upon looking at the packaging as the company is located Milwaukee Wisconsin. Having been to Milwaukee several times before for inner-city mission work it was exciting to receive these new beans.

The tasting of these beans was done both in a cold coffee and a hot coffee. I choose to set my grinder to 20 to get the beans smaller in the hopes of pulling out more of the flavors.

Ice Coffee Settings: 
  • Ratio: 1:14
  • Grind Setting: 20
  • Pre-ground Bean Amount: 26.7g
  • Post-ground Bean amount: 26.4g
  • Water Temperature: 205 degrees F
  • Water Amount: 373g
  • Pour Time: 38 seconds
  • 1st Steep time: 87 seconds
  • 2nd Steep time: 116 seconds

Hot Coffee Settings:

  • Ratio: 1:14
  • Grind Setting: 20
  • Pre-ground Bean Amount: 31g
  • Post-ground Bean amount: 30.1g
  • Water Temperature: 205 degrees F
  • Water Amount: 434.2g
  • Pour Time: 33 seconds
  • 1st Steep time: 76 seconds
  • 2nd Steep time: 110 seconds

There was some slight time variances between the hot and cold pours that I did today. The overall taste between the two pours was slightly different with the hot pour producing a more vibrant taste.

The resulting flavor was a smooth citrus punch that seemed to dominate the flavor. The package noted there was a chocolate smoothness that was prominent yet as I tasted both cups a flavor I was unable to distinguish. The overall taste though was smooth, light and not overly harsh. There was no acidity robustness that I sometimes encounter in coffee beans. The aftertaste of the iced and hot pours was different which I found odd. I initially thought this was due to the pour yet after repeating several cups the after taste remained.

I should pause for a moment and mention that the after taste I speak of is the resulting lingering flavor on your tongue. It seems, with most coffee beans I have encountered, a lingering reminder of the cup you have just sipped. Like that song you heard on the radio in which you either want to keep singing in your head or you wish to go away yet cannot seem to get it out of your mind.

The aftertaste of the iced coffee was tart and very strong. I suspect this was the citrus flavor overpowering the taste buds. I also wonder if since I am not a big citrus fan that I noticed this flavor punch over the chocolate. For the hot coffee the citrus aftertaste was not as strong yet the chocolate seemed to appear. Now the citrus was still there yet not as strong as with the iced coffee pour. While the chocolate seemed to appear there was still an odd aftertaste which I could not shake.

In the end this was I would say an average selection. I defiantly have had way better coffee beans and beans that I swear to never purchase again. The question remains would I purchase these beans again? While I do not think I would purchase these exact beans I would give beans from Kingdom Growers a chance. How can you not give beans from an organization that works to provide coffee along side doing mission work?

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