Review Rubato Coffee Roasters – Autumn Nocturne

This is the second package of beans that I have received from Rubato Coffee Roasters. To say that this coffee impressed is to sell this package of beans short. The flavors and aromas just blew my senses and taste buds away.

My level of skepticism prior to this was high. The packaging was unique to the other beans that Rubato sells and my internal conversation was this was a selling technique just to steer my eyes to making this purchase. There are times when clever marketing can help boost a product whether through the packaging or the advertising. Over the years I have learned to do all I can to steer away from items that are over-marketed or over-hyped. I will admit I was intrigued by the flavor notes of butterscotch, maple candy and berry streusel. I mean if you can get those flavors together then you have a potential great party.

The overall taste of this was very smooth and very light. The flavors as I mentioned above jumped out and grabbed my attention. The maple candy was clearly the winner of the three yet the butterscotch and berry were also clearly distinguishable. This held true whether I was brewing a hot or cold cup of coffee. Flavor was defiantly not lost here.

Hot Coffee Settings:

  • Ratio: 1:14
  • Grind Setting: 10
  • Pre-ground Bean Amount: 30.4g
  • Post-ground Bean amount: 30g
  • Water Temperature: 207 degrees F
  • Water Amount: 423.4g
  • Pour Time: 43 seconds
  • 1st Steep time: 110 seconds
  • 2nd Steep time: 130 seconds

If you are looking for something new and with some amazing flavors you defiantly want to jump over and pick up this batch from Rubato. I enjoyed this so much that already have another shipment on the way.

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