Review of Oxny Framily Beans

Oxny – Framily

I look back over the past several years and I can see how my taste for coffee has taken a dramatic shift from running to places like Starbucks or Tim Hortons to now grinding and brewing my own coffee at home. There is nothing wrong with coffee from some of these chain coffee shops yet there is something to be said for creating your own cup of deliciously ground coffee in a cup.

My transition began thanks in part to the passion of another coffer nut. While my wife and I have joked with him over the years about his influence the truth is he truly is an inspiration. Flatlands Coffee in Bowling Green Ohio opened its doors in 2015 and from there I found myself drawn into the world of coffee. I had no clue what awaited me yet today I can say I have found a love and passion for great coffees.

Today I begin a journey of hoping to share a little of my passion with you. I have discovered that there are is not just a standard black coffee. That coffee in fact has many aromas and flavors which are often overlooked and skipped by. This is my attempt to share this with you.

My first review is from the roaster Oxny. Oxny Coffee Lab is found in the Arkansas region of the U.S. The batch that I spent some time with was called Framily. I was intrigued by the label as at first I swore the label read Family and not Framily. How cool to have coffee beans called Family I thought! Of course I put my glasses on and realized there was an R hiding itself in the midst of the label. The label states that the beans produce a blend of Fresh Berries, Earl Grey, Sweet Cream and Dark Chocolate taste. Who wouldn’t love a combination of Fresh Berries and Dark Chocolate!

I brewed my first batch on a grind setting of 30, actually almost all of my grinds are set to 30. I decided to make 2 cups, the first being an iced coffee and the 2nd being a hot coffee. For the iced coffee I used 27.1 grams of beans. For my hot coffee I increased the bean amount to 30.6 grams. As for the reason for this I decided that I would lower the bean amount to offset the ice I would add later. I then boiled filtered water to a temperature of 195 degrees and used 406.5 grams of water.

Right or wrong I used a two step process of steeping the coffee. I start by adding the full amount of filter water to the beans and then let steep for 1 minute and 15 seconds. After the initial steep I then shift the grinds that have floated to the top and steep for another 1 minute 45 seconds. Upon the completion I then drip the coffee out into our cups. For the iced coffee I then add about 3 ounces of ice and shake until cool.

The end results of both the ice and hot coffee for the Oxny Framily beans was as advertised. I felt the chocolate taste was the strongest flavor of those listed. You could tell the presence of a berries yet not as strong as I anticipated. The Earl Grey flavor was clearly there and I wonder if that was truly what overpowered the Fresh Berry taste. The aftertaste of either coffee was was very minimal. I mention the aftertaste as for some beans I have tried there is the occasion for a strong or lasting after taste. This was not the case with Framily beans.

In the end I would recommend these beans although I suspect these are seasonal. Regardless if these beans are any indication of what Oxny produces then you cannot go wrong. Here is a link to Oxny Coffee Labs to find out more about them and their selection of beans.

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